Located on Miami Beach for a limited time, MedMiami is a Mediterranean-inspired space with a Maçakızı touch. The space brought the laid- back lifestyle of the Turquoise Coast to Miami and married it with art during one of the most anticipated international art events of the year, Miami Art Basel in 2022 between December 1-4. With eye-catching artworks by Turkish artists Elif Uras and İdil İlkin as well as works by Mehmet Ali Uysal from the Maçakızı art collection, MedMiami was designed by esteemed architect Ahmet Alataş. The lighting of the venue was designed by Zeki Kadirbeyoğlu while artful touches by Chiara de Rocchi adorned the MedMiami bar.

For the opening of MedMiami, Maçakızı hosted a private dinner on November 30th with main partner Moët Hennessy and the support of Volzhenka Caviar and Uludağ. A delicious dinner was prepared by Dom Pérignon Executive Chef Marco Fadiga, Maçakızı Executive Chef Aret Sahakyan and Villa Maçakızı Executive Chef Carlo Bernardini with a sumptuous menu. The 250 person sit-down dinner was followed by a party for more than 1000 VIP guests dancing to the tunes of DJ Can Hatipoğlu, sipping delicious cocktails. MedMiami continued to host guests by reservation on Miami Beach over the following weekend.

This year was the beginning of a new Maçakızı
tradition in Miami. See you at MedMiami next year!

14th & Ocean Drive
on Miami Beach
Miami, FL / USA